the feeling of love can be so amazing but scary at the same time

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It’s late lonely nights like these that really make me wish you were here.

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I already said too much. I already shared too much, and I want all my secrets back. I hate getting close to people these days, I always regret sharing too much, caring too much, doing too much, feeling too much.
― Unknown (via suspend)
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Kinda want to play with your hair kinda want to go down on you for 45 minutes

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do rude people know they’re rude

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how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom

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surround yourself with people who

  • praise you because they mean it
  • don’t want anything but your company
  • do their best to understand you
  • you feel like you can confront if you need to
  • (know they can confront you lovingly in turn)
  • make you feel comfortable
  • stick with you through good and bad times
  • are positive influences on your everyday life
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